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Leverage our skills and expertise to accelerate network and application performance, improve productivity and increase reliability across your digital business.


Network and application performance issues regularly occur when unpredictable variables like user locations, differing devices, mixed connectivity, high latency, and multi-cloud environments combine.

Digital businesses are therefore seeking ways to eradicate such issues and positively impact user experience, workforce productivity and business performance.

Performance as
an afterthought

Despite this, many IT teams are still treating performance as an afterthought when approaching critical application rollouts, service launches and other major IT or business changes.

Left unmanaged, unreliable service availability results in productivity losses, user disengagement and a damaged reputation.

This is a dangerous combination that can cripple the organization, especially in a volatile economy.

corrective action

A proactive approach to performance leverages Visibility for constant monitoring, and uses the insights gained to inform corrective action.

It uses deep expertise and industry experience to implement change that accelerates positive outcomes.

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Take a different approach to Performance

Take a different approach to Performance

Successful Infrastructure & Operations leaders have found a way to gain insights and deploy Performance skills and expertise, when and where they’re most needed.

Teneo’s Performance services provide this approach.

Performance services from Teneo

Our Performance services help to accelerate network and application performance, improve productivity and increase reliability across your digital business.

Not only are they operationally efficient for your organization, but they also free up the time and headspace you need to work on future strategy.

Find out more about each of our Performance services below.

WFA: Client Acceleration

Improve remote and mobile worker productivity and satisfaction, streamline IT management overheads, and reduce support costs.

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WFA: Optimized

Enhance user experience, improve SaaS application performance and reduce SaaS operating costs.

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Get the most value from SD-WAN, faster and with minimum risk. Choose how much management control you want and select the service level that suits your needs.

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WFA: WAN Optimization

Prove the value of your investment by delivering a successful WAN Optimization strategy with optimum results and business impact.

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Professional Services

WFA: SD-WAN Workshop

Our SD-WAN Workshop aligns teams at the beginning of an SD-WAN project, provides real-life experience to help avoid pitfalls, and provides a structured approach to building a collaborative SD- WAN solution and business case.

Utilize our knowledge and expertise to help plan your SD-WAN strategy.

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WFA: SD-WAN Implementation

Our design and deployment experience ensures that your SD-WAN implementation is completed following best practice advice and guidance. And you get to choose how much involvement you want by selecting the services that suit your needs.

Work with our team to achieve faster deployment and minimized risk.

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WFA: WAN Optimization Audit

Our WFA: WAN Optimization Audit provides a report of key WAN Optimization metrics in an easy to understand format. We’ll deliver actionable recommendations to improve your WAN Optimization environment based on a snapshot of data.

By taking a regular WAN Optimization Audit with Teneo, you can continue to see optimum value from your WAN Optimization deployment with our expert guidance and advice.

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WFA: WAN Value Assessment

Our WFA: WAN Value Assessment provides a rich analysis of the common challenges and costs of your traditional router-centric network.

We deliver a compelling justification for the future WAN architecture we’d most recommend based on your strategic, financial, and operational priorities. The Assessment allows you to take quick and decisive action on the future of your WAN architecture to improve costs, efficiencies and business performance.

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Ready to talk Performance?

Ready to talk Performance?

To get started with our Performance services, simply schedule a meeting with us today.