Himalaya Exchange Creates a New Digital Financial System and Selects Akamai & Teneo to Deliver a Secure Customer Experience

March 18, 2022

The Himalaya Exchange offers a new cryptocurrency that is designed to be resistant to extreme price volatility. A key aim for the company is to provide a revolutionary financial solution for the new digital age.

The company has chosen Akamai, in partnership with Teneo, to deliver a secure experience for customers. Akamai’s technology powers Teneo’s Zero Trust Network Access service.

Securing digital currency

This new cryptocurrency infrastructure is underpinned by two main units: the Himalaya dollar and the Himalaya coin. The Himalaya dollar is structured with the aim of maintaining its 1-to-1 value to the United States dollar. It combines cutting-edge blockchain technology with the robust features of a stable coin. All of this makes it possible to move digital currency around the world instantly and securely.

And the Himalaya coin is a currency people can use with confidence every day, designed with value preservation in mind. The tokens are also available to eligible members in permitted jurisdictions via the Himalaya Pay app.

Evolving cryptocurrency security challenges

Today’s cryptocurrency landscape is evolving and presents many exciting opportunities, as well as challenges. IT security remains a major risk factor for all crypto asset actors. Crypto asset holders are obvious targets for hackers and criminals as blockchain transactions are generally irreversible once the crypto asset leaves the intermediary.

Protecting against DDoS attacks

Himalaya Exchange is no stranger to this and uses a multi-layered approach to security with built-in security and privacy by design to ensure technical-level security safeguards against distributed denial of service (DDoS) and other attacks.

The company relies on a number of Akamai security solutions to help keep its customers safe during transactions. Akamai content delivery network (CDN) is also deployed to ensure that the online platform runs fast and reliably.

All of this is made possible thanks to Akamai’s collaboration with Teneo, which builds a bridge to the client, enabling Akamai to achieve its goals faster by earning trust, navigating disruption, and removing barriers.

Speaking about working with Akamai and Teneo, Azeem Bashir, Chief Information & Security Officer (CIO/CISO) at Himalaya Exchange, says, “I am very pleased with the collaboration with such great partners that make it possible for us to offer the digital currency of the future in a way that is fast, reliable, and secure.”

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Author: Ina Christova, Akamai

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